Come and visit our Nursery for a fresh new look of Autumn. Excellent time for the preparation of new beds and areas in the planning of new and old gardens.Plants that are planted during Autumn have a much better chance to get established in the milder climatic areas like the Western Cape. When summer arrives with the heat as well as the South Easter, roots will already have been established  and the plant will need much less water and attention.BY SAVING IN THIS WAY YOU WILL HAVE MORE FUNDS FOR PLANTS .

LAWNS: Will start needing attention and it is a good time to fork your lawn and give a good topdressing mixed with a good fertilizer.By doing this you are introducing more oxygen and air to your soil and the spiking enables the water and the fertilizer to penetrate to the root zone.Before starting the procedure mow your lawn but not to short.

You can also start preparing your vegetable garden by using a good compost and 2;3;2 or 2;3;4; fertilizer.

We also carry a wide variety of herbs.These plants are valued for there medicinal and aromatic qualities and are grown for culinary, decorative and various fragrances that will give your salads a new experience of flavour. Also remember that informal herb planting gives much more scope for combining herbs with other varieties of plants.Many of the herbs are good garden plants in there own right and are very colourful among the other plants and shrubs. Like your foxgloves, lavender sages, and rosemary just to name a few.

We have also started a BONSAI section  and there is a very good selection to chose from.

Go to the Gallery and see our selection of plants.